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As a self-starter who is highly organized, committed and enthusiastic, I value determination and efficiency in the workplace. Both professional and personal experiences fuel my passion for writing and advertising. Known for being high-energy with an entreprenurial spirit, I utilize my leadership skills and perspective to deliver high quality and well executed work. As an observer of human interaction and my surroundings, you will never find me without a notebook in my hand - a blank page to be filled with new ideas or inspiration for my next project. In everything I do, I always bring imagination with a purpose. In my writing, I create characters and situations but always focus on the central plot. In my work in advertising and sales, I bring new ideas and solutions to my clients but always ensure we can execute properly using our systems and processes. My life is a constant balance between creativity and functionality. 

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People often ask me to describe myself in five words. The five words I use are always passionate, curious, imaginative, persistant and entrepreneurial. Those words describe me in every facet of my life, both personally and professionally. I am imaginative in my home decor style, persistent in my sales style and everything in between. Please take a few minutes to review my website and learn more about me. If you like what you see, don't hesitate to contact me. 



I derive inspiration from my peers and my surroundings. I try to challenge myself to be inspired on a daily basis. I seek that inspiration in many things, from professional accomplishments in the workplace to personal interactions in my relationships. Experiencing frequent wanderlust, I thrive on my travels and interactions with others. 

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